Family Condo Living

Moving in as a “Condo Family”? Emerald City has you covered.

With more and more couples and families preferring to be surrounded by a wealth of great shopping, dining, and entertainment options, many people are adopting the Condo Family lifestyle. Not only does condo living put you in the heart of it all, you’ll benefit from an array of great neighbours and a true community spirit. There are also many specific benefits to bringing your children or soon to be child into a condo.

Living in a condo can expose you to a greater density and diversity of people. For children, this means developing their social skills and understanding different cultures. This is extremely important in developing more empathy and compassion towards other people and building Canadian values like inclusion and tolerance from the start.

The shared spaces of condo living along with close proximity to parks and libraries can often create a sense of community that suburban life simply doesn’t offer. We are well aware of this growing trend, which is why we provide family-friendly amenities for all ages in our condominiums.

Families in Block C can spend quality time together and with friends in vibrant shared amenities such as the Family Play Lounge or the indoor pool where kids can be kids.

It’s no surprise young couples and families are choosing to live in urban condominiums over suburban homes.

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